System of quasi-zonal jets off California revealed from satellite altimetry

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Ivanov, L. M., Collins, C. A., & Margolina, T. M. (2009). System of quasi-zonal jets off California revealed from satellite altimetry. Geophysical Research Letters, 36(3). doi:10.1029/2008GL036327
TitleSystem of quasi-zonal jets off California revealed from satellite altimetry
AuthorsL. Ivanov, C. Collins, T. Margolina
AbstractA discrete wavelet transform was applied to satellite altimetry data for the period 1992-2007 off California to decompose the SSH signal into inter-annual, annual, semiannual and shorter period components. For the lowest frequency (inter-annual) component, a system of alternating quasi-zonal jets was detected. The jet system was delineated by a north-south series of quasi-zonal bands of co-rotating eddies; that is, the eddies were embedded in a shearing zonal flow. The direction of eddy rotation alternated between adjacent bands. The temporal behavior of the jet system showed the existence of quasi-stationary states and transitions between them. Observed non-linear effects of the evolution of the jets included southward drift at about 0.2 cm sec -1, deviations of the jets from the zonal direction, and re-forming of the jet system through decay and merging of eddy chains. Copyright 2009 by the American Geophysical Union.
JournalGeophysical Research Letters
SubjectsCalifornia, Inter annuals, Jet systems, Non-linear effects, Period components, Quasi-stationary state, Satellite altimetries, Satellite altimetry datum, Temporal behaviors, Zonal flows, Zonal jets, Aneroid altimeters, Discrete wavelet transforms, Rotation, Signal processing, Jets, eddy, jet stream, satellite altimetry, satellite data, wavelet, zonal flow, North America, United States
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