Scientific diving techniques

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Heine, J. N. (2000). Scientific diving techniques. Marine Technology Society Journal, 34(4), 23-37.
TitleScientific diving techniques
AuthorsN. Heine
AbstractMany innovations in diving training, equipment, and design, modification, and fabrication of scientific equipment for use underwater have been developed over the past few decades. Scientific diving has pioneered or utilized techniques for marking and mapping sites, making geological collections, collecting physical oceanographic data, conducting archaeological investigations, and many types of biological experiments, including estimation of benthic populations and fish communities. Scientific divers have also found many useful applications for underwater photographic and videographic cameras, quadrats and transect tapes, devices for collecting, tagging, and caging organisms, data collection and recordkeeping, and site-marking using epoxies and cements, drilling, and handling chemicals underwater.
JournalMarine Technology Society Journal
Start page23
End page37
SubjectsGeological surveys, Mapping, Oceanography, Underwater cameras, Diving techniques, Diving apparatus, diving, environmental research, marine technology, methodology