Iron photochemistry in seawater from the equatorial Pacific

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Johnson, K. S., Coale, K. H., Elrod, V. A., & Tindale, N. W. (1994). Iron photochemistry in seawater from the equatorial Pacific. Marine Chemistry, 46(4), 319-334. doi:10.1016/0304-4203(94)90029-9
TitleIron photochemistry in seawater from the equatorial Pacific
AuthorsS. Johnson, H. Coale, A. Elrod, W. Tindale
AbstractThe photochemistry of iron in surface waters, and its implications to iron bioavailability, was examined on two cruises to the equatorial Pacific. Decktop incubations were performed with equatorial seawater to which iron was added in various chemical forms. Results showed clear diurnal patterns in measurable iron levels, with the highest levels occurring midday. These results are consistent with a model of iron cycling involving the photo-reductive dissolution of colloidal iron and its subsequent oxidation and biological uptake of dissolved iron(III). Model calculations were based on independently determined rate constants. We suggest that photochemical reactions may have a significant impact on iron availability to phytoplankton in the open ocean.
JournalMarine Chemistry
Start page319
End page334
Subjectsbioavailability, iron, photochemistry
NoteCited By (since 1996):141, CODEN: MRCHB