Particulate thallium fluxes in the northeast pacific

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Flegal, A. R., Sanudo-Wilhelmy, S., & Fitzwater, S. E. (1989). Particulate thallium fluxes in the northeast pacific. Marine Chemistry, 28(1), 61-75.
TitleParticulate thallium fluxes in the northeast pacific
AuthorsR. Flegal, S. Sanudo-Wilhelmy, E. Fitzwater
AbstractParticulate fluxes of thallium in the northeast Pacific exhibit pronounced spatial gradients, which range over four orders of magnitude (3 X 10-1 to 5.4 X 103 nmol m-2a-1) and show scavenging by both organic and inorganic processes. They are highly correlated (R=0.96) with POC fluxes, have have elevated rates in coastal upwelling waters, and decrease exponentially with depth. They also appear to be correlated with lateral fluxes of manganese (hydro)oxides off the continental shelf. These findings substantiate recent seawater measurements which indicate that metastable species of monovalent thallium are cycled through the marine biosphere as a potassium analogue, whereas thermodynamically stable trivalent thallium (TI (OH)3) is scavenged by ferromanganese (hydro)oxides. © 1989.
JournalMarine Chemistry
Start page61
End page75
Subjectsbiogeochemical cycle, biosphere, continental shelf, residence time, seawater, thallium, Pacific, (North)
NoteCited By (since 1996):11, CODEN: MRCHB