The Santa Barbara oil spill Part 2

Foster, M., Neushul, M., & Zingmark, R. (1971). The Santa Barbara oil spill Part 2. Environmental Pollution, 2, 115-134.
TitleThe Santa Barbara oil spill Part 2
AuthorsM. Foster, M. Neushul, R. Zingmark
AbstractThe initial effects of the Santa Barbara oil spill on intertidal and kelp bed organisms were studied. Based on earlier surveys, the greatest negative biological change at a sample station after the spill was the loss of 16 plant species. However, losses in species were correlated in most cases with sand movement, and may have been related to the severe storms which occurred before and during the oil spill. Although gross species changes were not correlated with oil dosage, severe damage occurred in intertidal surf grass and barnacle populations as a result of the oil pollution. Potential long-term biological effects of the continuing pollution are discussed.
JournalEnvironmental Pollution
Start page115
End page134