Enhanced Library Collection Access through GIS

Lage, K., Cronin, C., & Long, H. (2004). Enhanced Library Collection Access through GIS: Historic Colorado Aerial Photographs. 2004 Environmental.
TitleEnhanced Library Collection Access through GIS
AuthorsK. Lage, C. Cronin, H. Long
AbstractThis case study presents the use of GIS in a map library to create an enhanced index for a collection of historical aerial photographs of Colorado. The University of Colorado at Boulder’s Jerry Crail Johnson Earth Sciences and Map Library scanned and indexed 1700 aerial photographs taken from 1938- 1947. Library staff used ArcView 3.2 and ArcGIS 8.1 to plot the center points of each photograph and enhanced the georeferencing with a detailed attribute table. The project Web site provides access to the photographs and the spatial data captured in the attribute table through a map search and a keyword search.
Journal2004 Environmental