Equity and career-life balance in marine mammal science?

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Hooker, S. K., Simmons, S. E., Stimpert, A. K., & Mcdonald, B. I. (2017). Equity and career-life balance in marine mammal science? Blackwell Publishing Inc. doi:10.1111/mms.12407
TitleEquity and career-life balance in marine mammal science?
AuthorsK. Hooker, E. Simmons, K. Stimpert, I. Mcdonald
AbstractIt is widely acknowledged that family and care-giving responsibilities are driving women away from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Marine mammal science often incurs heavy fieldwork and travel obligations, which make it a challenging career in which to find work-life balance. This opinion piece explores gender equality, equity (the principles of fairness that lead to equality), and work-life balance in science generally and in this field in particular. We aim to (1) raise awareness of these issues among members of the Society for Marine Mammalogy; (2) explore members' attitudes and viewpoints collected from an online survey and further discussion at a biennial conference workshop in 2015; and (3) make suggestions for members to consider for action, or for the Board of Governors to consider in terms of changes to policy or procedures. Leaks in our pipeline-the attrition of women, and others with additional caring responsibilities-represent an intellectual and economic loss. By striving for equity and promoting work-life balance, we will help to ensure a healthy and productive Society better able to succeed in its aims promoting education, high quality research, conservation, and management of marine mammals. © 2017 Society for Marine Mammalogy.
NoteExport Date: 8 May 2017, Article in Press, published