Access to Online Historical Aerial Photography Collections

McAuliffe, C. P., Lage, K., & Mattke, R. (2017). Access to Online Historical Aerial Photography Collections: Past Practice, Present State, and Future Opportunities, 13(2), 198-221. doi:10.1080/15420353.2017.1334252
TitleAccess to Online Historical Aerial Photography Collections
AuthorsC. McAuliffe, K. Lage, R. Mattke
AbstractThe authors review how access to historical aerial photograph collections has evolved in response to technological developments and addresses areas for further advancement, with a particular emphasis on developing, preserving, and sustaining online collections. The authors focus specifically on the areas of metadata, the Semantic Web and linked data, and sustainability through collaboration. The article includes brief case studies, highlighting various projects involving the aerial photography collections at the University of Minnesota. The conclusion asserts the critical role played by geographic information librarians in effectively carrying out the strategies described in the article as they relate to the long-term sustainability of digital geospatial collections.
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End page221