Can stormwater be detected by algae in an urban reef in Hawai'i?

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Cox, T. , E., Smith, C. M., Popp, B. N., Foster, M. S., & Abbott, I. A. (2013). Can stormwater be detected by algae in an urban reef in Hawai'i? Marine Pollution Bulletin, 71(1), 92-100. doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2013.03.030
TitleCan stormwater be detected by algae in an urban reef in Hawai'i?
AuthorsT. Cox, C. Smith, B. Popp, M. Foster, I. Abbott
AbstractNitrogen (N) enrichment of tropical reefs can result in the dominance of invasive algae. The invasive alga Acanthophora spicifera and the native alga Laurencia nidifica are part of a diverse reef assemblage in 'Ewa Beach, O'ahu. Their N contents and δ15N values were investigated to determine if N was enriched and to evaluate potential nitrogenous sources near and removed from storm-drain outlets. δ15N values of algae (3.8-17.7‰) were within and above the range for algae around the island (1.9-11.9‰). Elevated algae N isotope values (δ15N>+7‰, [N]>1.6%) and seawater nitrate+nitrite levels (0.59-7.93μM) indicated a mixed, high nutrient environment. The overlap in δ15N values with multiple nitrogenous sources precluded identification. However, spatial and temporal patterns did not support stormwater as the dominant, nitrogenous source. Patterns were congruent with algal incorporation of terrestrial derived N, subjected to a high degree of biogeochemical cycling. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.
JournalMarine Pollution Bulletin
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End page100
SubjectsAcanthophora spicifera, Biogeochemical cycling, High nutrients, Laurencia nidifica, Nitrogen isotopes, Nutrient inputs, Spatial and temporal patterns, Stormwaters, Beaches, Effluents, Gallium alloys, Isotopes, Nitrogen, Nutrients, Reefs, Seawater, Storms, Algae, nitrate, nitrite, nitrogen 15, sea water, storm water, alga, effluent, invasive species, nitrogen isotope, nutrient enrichment, reef, stormwater, algal community, article, controlled study, coral reef, nitrogen concentration, seashore, seasonal variation, United States, urban area, water analysis, water quality, water sampling, Hawaii [United States], Hawaiian Islands, Oahu
NoteSeaweeds, CODEN: MPNBA