Sea level variations in the regional seas around Taiwan

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Tseng, Y. -H., Breaker, L. C., & Chang, E. T. -Y. (2010). Sea level variations in the regional seas around Taiwan. Journal of Oceanography, 66(1), 27-39. doi:10.1007/s10872-010-0003-2
TitleSea level variations in the regional seas around Taiwan
AuthorsY. Tseng, C. Breaker, T. Chang
AbstractThe patterns and trends of sea level rise in the regional seas around Taiwan have been investigated through the analyses of long-term tide-gauge and satellite altimetry data. Series of tide-gauge data extending over 50 years reveal decadal and interannual variations and spatially-inhomogeneous patterns of generally rising sea level. The East Asia tide-gauge stations around Taiwan show an average trend of +2.4 mm/yr from 1961-2003, which is larger than the reported global rate of +1.8 mm/yr for the same period. These stations also show significantly larger sea level rise rates (+5.7 mm/yr) than global values (+3.1 mm/yr) during the period from 1993-2003. Consistent with the coastal tide-gauge records, satellite altimetry data show similar increasing rates (+5.3 mm/yr) around Taiwan during the same period. Comparisons with temperature anomalies in the upper ocean suggest that thermal expansion and heat advection in the upper layer contribute significantly to the long-term sea level variations in this area with correlations >0.9 for observations after 1992. Thermosteric sea level variations may also explain the interannual and decadal variations of the observed sea level rises around Taiwan. Our analysis also indicates that the altimetry data are only part of a long-term, larger-scale signal. Finally, we have found that a non-linear smoother, LOESS, is more suitable for extracting long-term trends in sea level than the traditional linear regression approach. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2010.
JournalJournal of Oceanography
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Subjectsannual variation, decadal variation, El Nino-Southern Oscillation, long-term change, regression analysis, satellite altimetry, sea level change, tide gauge, trend analysis, Taiwan
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