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Reproductive periodicity and its relationship to recruitment and persistence of Endocladia muricata and Mastocarpus papillatus
Factors controlling the distribution of the high intertidal green alga, Prasiola
Age determination and verification of California white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus: a comparative analysis
Composition, abundance and phenology of foliose red algae associated with two Macrocystic pyrifera forests in Monterey Bay
The effects of the adult canopy on the growth and survivorship of young Pterygophora californica plants
A review of the spawning substrates and breeding behaviors of the fish assemblages of San Francisco and Chesapeake Bays
Aspects of the life history of California's cowshark species, Notorynchus cepedianus and Hexanchus griseus
The diet and predator-prey relationships of the sea star Pycnopodia helianthoide (Brandt) from a central California kelp forest
Flowering plant recruitment into a newly restored salt marsh in Elkhorn Slough, California
From suction to suspension to manipulation: a review of aquatic vertebrate feeding mechanisms
Settlement and metamorphosis of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) larvae
Substratum selection by larvae of the spirorbid polychaete, Pileolaria lateralis
Spatial and temporal variability of kelp forest canopies in central California
The olfactory organs of deep-sea fishes: their morphology and possible role in mate location
Tidepool selection and homing behavior of the bald sculpin, Clinocottus recalvus, on the central California coast
The role of olfaction in the homing ability of the blue rockfish, Sebastes mystinus in Carmel Bay, California
Determination of bank rockfish age and growth: a comparison of traditional and computer-aided techniques
Aspects of the life history of Orthonopias triacis in Monterey Bay, California
Species similarity and movement of fish assemblages on artificial and natural reefs in Monterey Bay, California
Ecology and life histories of dominat infaunal crustaceans inhabiting the subtidal high energy beach at Moss Landing, California
Food habit and activity patterns of juvenile rockfishes (Sebastes) in a central California kelp forest