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Biological response to iron fertilization in the eastern equatorial Pacific (IronEx II). I. Microplankton community abundances and biomass
An acoustic harassment technique to reduce seal predation on salmon
Initiation of long-term coupled microbiological, geochemical, and hydrological experimentation within the seafloor at North Pond, western flank of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Holocene changes in the ecology of northern fur seals
Two sightings following release of rehabilitated harbor seals
Genetic substructure of the pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardsi) off Washington, Oregon, and California
Methods of capturing, handling, and tagging harbor seals
Abundance and distribution of harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) in Oregon, 1975-1983
An outbreak of probable leptospirosis in California sea lions along the Oregon coast during fall 1984
The feasibility and effectiveness of using an acoustic barrier to restrict the movements of seals into Netarts Bay, Oregon