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Corrigendum to "A closer look at regime shifts based on coastal observations along the eastern boundary of the North Pacific"
Tidal and nontidal oscillations in Elkhorn Slough, CA
Expressions of 1976-1977 and 1988-1989 regime shifts in sea-surface temperature off Southern California and Hawai'i
A curious relationship between the winds and currents at the western entrance of the Santa Barbara Channel
Sea level variations in the regional seas around Taiwan
Predicting offshore temperatures in Monterey Bay based on coastal observations using linear forecast models
Nonlinear aspects of sea surface temperature in Monterey Bay
Sea surface temperature fronts in the California Current System from geostationary satellite observations
Energy production trend extraction using ensemble empirical mode decomposition
Nonhydrostatic simulations of the regional circulation in the Monterey Bay area
Mapping and monitoring large-scale ocean fronts off the California coast using imagery from the GOES-10 geostationary satellite
The response of Monterey Bay to the 2010 Chilean earthquake
Use of acoustic tags to estimate natural mortality, spillover, and movements of lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus) in a marine reserve
On the natural oscillations of Monterey Bay: Observations, modeling, and origins
Intraseasonal oscillations in sea surface temperature, wind stress, and sea level off the central California coast
Development of a real-time regional ocean forecast system with application to a domain off the U.S east coast
What's happening in Monterey Bay on seasonal to interdecadal time scales
Upwelling age: An indicator of local tendency for coastal upwelling
A model for estimating cross-shore surface transport with application to the New Jersey Shelf
A numerical study on the role of wind forcing, bottom topography, and nonhydrostacy in coastal upwelling
A closer look at regime shifts based on coastal observations along the eastern boundary of the North Pacific