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Radiometric age validation and spatial distribution of the Antarctic toothfish, (Dissostichus mawsoni)
Nuclear intron phylogenies and evolution of clonality among northeastern pacific Anthopleura species
Trends in abundance surveys of nearshore rocky reef fishes in Central California 1959-2007
Changes in Cover and Use of Zostera marina Habitata in Elkhorn Slough, California
The distribution and abundance of marine birds in nearshore waters of Monterey Bay, California
Mitochondrial genome architecture in sponges, with descriptions of two new species from the abyssal Northeast Pacific
Characterizing sedimentation bedforms as habitat for fishes and invertebrates in the San Juan archipelago, Washington, USA,
The biogeography and distribution of megafauna at three California seamounts
Life history of two bering sea slope skates: Bathyraja lindbergi and B. maculata
Curious food procurement in the Eastern North Pacific Kyphosidae
Marine geology and potential rockfish habitat in the Southwestern San Juan Islands, Washington
Maternal influence on timing of parturition, fecundity, and larval quality in three shelf rockfish species
Ontogeny of critical swimming speed of larval and pelagic juvenile rockfishes (Sebastes spp.)
Long-term variability in the distribution, abundance, and taxonomic composition of larval fishes
Life history changes in female blue rockfish, Sebastes mystinus, before and after overfishing, in central California