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A review of apparent 20th century changes in the presence of mussels (Mytilus trossulus) and macroalgae in Arctic, Alaska, and of historical and paleontological evidence used to relate mollusc distributions to climate change
Assessing mercury exposure and biomarkers in largemouth bass (Micropterus Salmoides) from a contaminated river system in California
FISH-Flow: A quantitative molecular approach for describing mixed clade communities of Symbiodinium
Genetic and historical evidence disagree on likely sources of the Atlantic amethyst gem clam Gemma gemma (Totten, 1834) in California
A non-native bryozoan creates novel substrate on the mudflats in San Francisco Bay
Larval settlement can explain the adult distribution of Mytilus californianus Conrad but not of M. galloprovincialis Lamarck or M. trossulus Gould in Moss Landing, central California
Partial Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of Two Abyssal Sponges (Porifera Hexactinellida), Bathydorus laniger and Docosaccus maculatus
Experimental parameters affecting quantitative PCR of Artemia franciscana: A model for a marine zooplanktonic target in natural plankton samples
Fine scale endemism on coral reefs: Archipelagic differentiation in turbinid gastropods
Species richness and interacting factors control invasibility of a marine community
Sources of invasions of a northeastern Pacific acorn barnacle, Balanus glandula, in Japan and Argentina
Genetic diversity in native and introduced populations of the amethyst gem clam Gemma gemma (Totten, 1834) from the U.S. east and west coasts
Clonal diversity in introduced populations of an Asian sea anemone in North America
The life cycle of Earleria corachloeae n. sp. (Cnidaria Hydrozoa) with epibiotic hydroids on mid-water shrimp
Ecology of cryptic invasions: Latitudinal segregation among Watersipora (Bryozoa) species
The importance of standardization for biodiversity comparisons
Fission in sea anemones: Integrative studies of life cycle evolution
Disentangling the biogeography of ship biofouling
Genetic diversity in native and introduced populations of the amethyst gem clam Gemma gemma (Totten, 1834) from the U.S. east and west coasts
Benthic invertebrate communities on three seamounts off southern and central California, USA
Bathydorus laniger and Docosaccus maculatus (Lyssacinosida: Hexactinellida)
Breaking up and getting together: Evolution of symbiosis and cloning by fission in sea anemones (genus Anthopleura)
Decline of a native mussel masked by sibling species invasion: The case of Californian marine mussels
Redesign of PCR primers for mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I for marine invertebrates and application in all-taxa biotic surveys