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The circulation of Monterey Bay and related processes
NOAA/MLML Radiometric Data Acquisition and Processing
Processing NOAA Spectroradiometric Data
Shipboard Techniques for Oceanographic Observations
Oceanographic Profiling Observations MOCE-4 Cruise
Daily MOBY Data Processing
Oceanographic observations in Monterey Bay, California
Hydrographic observations in Elkhorn Slough and Moss Landing harbor, California
Tidal oscillations at the head of Monterey submarine canyon
Oceanographic observations in Monterey Bay, California
Oceanographic results during Vertex particle interceptor trap experiment
Oceanographic results from the ONR cruise 2 - Lateral transport in a coastal jet and in Monterey Submarine Canyon
Oceanographic profiling observations MOCE-5 cruise
Radiometric and oceanographic profiling observations MOCE-6 cruise