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Deep-sea sedimentary processes in the Argentine Basin revealed by high-resolution seismic records (3.5 kHz echograms)
Sedimentological and micropaleontological detection of turbidite muds in hemipelagic sequences: An example from the late Pleistocene levee of Monterey Fan, central California continental margin
Tephrochronology of marine tephra adjacent to Central America
Tephrochronology of the western Gulf of Mexico for the last 185,000 years
Neogene folding and faulting in southern Monterey Bay, Central California, USA
A Late Pleistocene time-series of bottom-current speed in the Vema Channel
Paleoceanography of the Deep Western Boundary undercurrent on the North American continental margin for the past 25,000 yr.
Bottom-current speed in the Vema Channel recorded by particle size of sediment fine-fraction
Late pleistocene to holocene fluctuations in bottom-current speed in the Argentine Basin mudwave field
Bottom-current pathways in the Argentine Basin revealed by mean silt particle size
Late Pleistocene tephrochronology of Pigmy Basin, Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 619, Leg 96
Post-miocene disconformities and paleoceanography in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
Post-Miocene fluctuations of Antarctic Bottom Water paleospeed in the southwest Atlantic Ocean
Late Tertiary/Quaternary magnetostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of Vema Channel sediments
Influence of bottom currents on sediment texture and sea-floor morphology in the Argentine Basin