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Broad-scale factors influencing the biodiversity of coastal benthic communities of the Ross Sea
Black pools of death: Hypoxic, brine-filled ice gouge depressions become lethal traps for benthic organisms in a shallow Arctic embayment
Paralytic shellfish toxins sequestered by bivalves as a defense against siphon-nipping fish
Recolonization of soft-sediment ice scours on an exposed Arctic coast
Influence of sea otters on soft-bottom prey communities in southeast Alaska
Side-scan sonar estimates of the utilization of gray whale feeding grounds along Vancouver Island, Canada
Paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins mediate feeding behavior of sea otters
Diet and foraging behavior of sea otters in southeast Alaska
Domoic acid contamination within eight representative species from the benthic food web of Monterey Bay, California, USA
Sea otters and benthic prey communities: A direct test of the sea otter as keystone predator in Washington State
Effects of otter trawling on a benthic community in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
California State Waters Map Series—Offshore of Monterey, California
Ice scour disturbance to benthic communities in the Canadian High Arctic
Walrus feeding disturbance: Scavenging habits and recolonization of the Bering Sea benthos