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The level of agreement among experts applying best professional judgment to assess the condition of benthic infaunal communities
Sedimentation and composition of wall communities in Alaskan fjords
Distribution patterns of benthic microalgal standing stock at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Swarming benthic crustaceans in the Bering and Chukchi seas and their relation to geographic patterns in gray whale feeding
Influence of sea otters on soft-bottom prey communities in southeast Alaska
Scavenging and other feeding habits of lysianassid amphipods (Orchomene spp.) from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Side-scan sonar estimates of the utilization of gray whale feeding grounds along Vancouver Island, Canada
Destruction and opportunity on the sea floor: effects of gray whale feeding
Gray whales and the structure of the Bering Sea benthos
EDTA chelation and zinc antagonism with cadmium in sediment
Walrus feeding disturbance: Scavenging habits and recolonization of the Bering Sea benthos