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Sedimentation in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica: A disturbance mechanism for benthic invertebrates
Microhabitats and population densities of California legless lizards, with comments on effectiveness of various techniques for estimating numbers of fossorial reptiles
Surprising episodic recruitment and growth of Antarctic sponges
Chemical defense, biochemical composition and energy content of three shallow-water Antarctic gastropods
Effect of sample area and sieve size on benthic macrofaunal community condition assessments in california enclosed bays and estuaries
Scavenging and other feeding habits of lysianassid amphipods (Orchomene spp.) from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
High species density patterns in macrofaunal invertebrate communities in the marine benthos
Larval settlement and juvenile survival in the red abalone (Haliotis rufescens), an examination of inductive cues and substrate selection
Destruction and opportunity on the sea floor: effects of gray whale feeding
Walrus feeding disturbance: Scavenging habits and recolonization of the Bering Sea benthos