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Particulate thallium fluxes in the northeast pacific
Isotopic tracers of lead contamination in the Great Lakes
Elevated concentrations of mercury in mussels (Mytilus californianus) associated with pinniped colonies
Vertical concentration profiles of lead in the Central Pacific at 15°N and 20°S
High copper concentrations in squid livers in association with elevated levels of silver, cadmium, and zinc
Trace metals in mussels transplanted to San Francisco Bay
Mercury in the seston of the San Francisco Bay estuary
Copper, zinc, cadmium and lead in surface waters of lakes Erie and Ontario
Contamination of biological samples by ingested sediment
The geographic variation of silver in the black turban snail, Tegula funebralis
Stable isotopic ratios of lead in surface waters of the central Pacific
Trace element concentrations of the rough limpet, Acmaea scabra, in California
Thallium concentrations in seawater
EDTA chelation and zinc antagonism with cadmium in sediment