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Temporal variation in the artisanal elasmobranch fishery of Sonora, Mexico
Evolution of Macrocystis spp. (Phaeophyceae) as determined by ITS1 and ITS2 sequences
Macrofaunal abundance and composition on the West Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf
Transport makes the difference
FISH-Flow: A quantitative molecular approach for describing mixed clade communities of Symbiodinium
Surveillance for zoonotic and selected pathogens in harbor seals phoca vitulina from central California
Characterization of a cDNA encoding glutamine synthetase from the marine diatom Skeletonema costatum (Bacillariophyceae)
Calibration and evaluation of five indicators of benthic community condition in two California bay and estuary habitats
The seasonal importance of small coastal sharks and rays in the artisanal elasmobranch fishery of Sinaloa, Mexico
Variable responses of temperate calcified and fleshy macroalgae to elevated pCO2 and warming
Condensation of the isoprenoid and amino precursors in the biosynthesis of domoic acid
Artisanal fisheries and reproductive biology of the golden cownose ray, Rhinoptera steindachneri Evermann and Jenkins, 1891, in the northern Mexican Pacific
Species-specific consequences of ocean acidification for the calcareous tropical green algae Halimeda
Glacial meltwater dynamics in coastal waters west of the Antarctic peninsula
Domoic acid contamination within eight representative species from the benthic food web of Monterey Bay, California, USA
Evaluating the farming/language dispersal hypothesis with genetic variation exhibited by populations in the Southwest and Mesoamerica
Quantifying patterns of fish herbivory on Palmyra Atoll (USA), an uninhabited predator-dominated central Pacific coral reef
Alliance for coastal technologies
Temporal changes in deep-sea sponge populations are correlated to changes in surface climate and food supply
Morphometric convergence and molecular divergence: The taxonomic status and evolutionary history of Gymnura crebripunctata and Gymnura marmorata in the eastern Pacific Ocean