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Temporal stability and origin of chemoclines in the deep hypersaline anoxic Urania basin
The tail of the Storegga Slide: Insights from the geochemistry and sedimentology of the Norwegian Basin deposits
Permeability-porosity relationships of subduction zone sediments
Evolution of marine sedimentation in the Bering Sea since the Pliocene
Millennial-scale climate change and intermediate water circulation in the Bering Sea from 90 ka
Deep sub-seafloor prokaryotes stimulated at interfaces over geological time
Depth and controls of Ca-rhodochrosite precipitation in bioturbated sediments of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific, ODP Leg 201, Site 1226 and DSDP Leg 68, Site 503
Fossil seep structures of the Monterey Bay region and tectonic/structural controls on fluid flow in an active transform margin
Sedimentology of open-ocean biogenic sediments from ODP Leg 201, eastern equatorial Pacific (Sites 1225 and 1226)
Peri-equatorial paleolatitudes for Jurassic radiolarian cherts of Greece
Late Miocene remagnetization within the internal sector of the Northern Apennines, Italy
Milankovitch-scale correlations between deeply buried microbial populations and biogenic ooze lithology
Early diagenetic quartz formation at a deep iron oxidation front in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific - A modern analogue for banded iron/chert formations?