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Cobalt and copper distributions in the waters of Santa Monica Basin, California
Chemical and biological interactions in the Rose Garden hydrothermal vent field, Galapagos spreading center
The tail of the Storegga Slide: Insights from the geochemistry and sedimentology of the Norwegian Basin deposits
A model of the iron cycle in the ocean
Solenoid pumps for flow injection analysis
Morphological, molecular, and in situ behavioral observations of the rare deep-sea anglerfish Chaunacops coloratus (Garman, 1899), order Lophiiformes, in the eastern North Pacific
Continuous determination of nitrate concentrations in situ
Larval settlement can explain the adult distribution of Mytilus californianus Conrad but not of M. galloprovincialis Lamarck or M. trossulus Gould in Moss Landing, central California
Diversity and natural history of a Lithothamnion muelleri-Sargassum horridum community in the Gulf of California
Variable responses of temperate calcified and fleshy macroalgae to elevated pCO2 and warming
Biogeochemistry of hydrothermal vent mussel communities
Organochlorines and other environmental contaminants in muscle tissues of sportfish collected from San Francisco Bay
Aspects of the life histories of grass rockfish, Sebastes rastrelliger, and brown rockfish, S. auriculatus, from southern California
Mass stranding of marine birds caused by a surfactant-producing red tide
Nitrate sources and sinks in Elkhorn Slough, California: Results from long-term continuous in situ nitrate analyzers
Shift from coral to macroalgae dominance on a volcanically acidified reef
Recruitment of three species of juvenile rockfish (Sebastes spp.) on soft benthic habitat in Monterey Bay, California
Rapid enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of the algal toxin domoic acid
Hydrogen peroxide in the western Mediterranean Sea
The Academic Fleet - Past, Present and Future
Short-term temperature variability in the Rose Garden hydrothermal vent field: An unstable deep-sea environment
Late Tertiary/Quaternary magnetostratigraphy and biostratigraphy of Vema Channel sediments
Living rhodolith beds in the Gulf of California and their significance for paleoenvironmental interpretation