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Anthropogenic disturbance and biodiversity of marine benthic communities in Antarctica
Distribution and abundance of larval fishes collected in the western Bransfield Strait region, 1986-87
Trace metals and nitrogenous nutrition of Antarctic phytoplankton: Experimental observations in the Ross Sea
Long-term monitoring of krill recruitment and abundance indices in the Elephant Island area (Antarctic Peninsula)
Variation in the biomass density and demography of Antarctic krill in the vicinity of the South Shetland Islands during the 1999/2000 austral summer
Variation in marine benthic community composition allows discrimination of multiple stressors
Antarctic research bases
Energetic composition, biomass, and chemical defense in the common Antarctic nemertean Parborlasia corrugatus McIntosh
Macrofaunal abundance and composition on the West Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf
Distribution patterns of benthic microalgal standing stock at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
A relationship of diet to prey abundance and the foraging behavior of Trematomus bernacchii
A switch from Si(OH)4 to NO- 3 depletion in the glacial Southern Ocean
The distribution and behavior of dissolved and particulate iron and zinc in the Ross Sea and Antarctic circumpolar current along 170°W
Effects of sea-ice extent and krill or salp dominance on the Antarctic food web
ENSO and variability of the Antarctic peninsula pelagic marine ecosystem
A re-appraisal of the total biomass and annual production of Antarctic krill
Benthic changes at McMurdo Station, Antarctica following local sewage treatment and regional iceberg-mediated productivity decline
Spatial association between hotspots of baleen whales and demographic patterns of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba suggests size-dependent predation
Climate variability and spatiotemporal dynamics of five Southern Ocean krill species