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The feeding habits of Pleurobranchaea californica: MacFarland, 1966 (Opisthobranchia Notaspidea) in Monterey Bay, California
A worldwide review of the food of nudibranch mollusks. Part II. The suborder dendronotacea
Biologic and geologic characteristics of cold seeps in Monterey Bay, California
Brittle star distribution patterns and population densities on the continental slope off central California (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea)
Effect of wave action on movement in the owl limpet, Lottia gigantea, in Santa Cruz, California
Abundance, diversity and temporal variability in a California intertidal nudibranch assemblage
Distribution density and relative abundance of benthic invertebrate megafauna from three sites at the base of the continental slope off central California as determined by camera sled and beam trawl