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Post Miocene history of Antarctic bottom water paleospeed and polar front zone migrations in the Argentine Basin
The pleistocene history of San Francisco Bay along the Southern Crossing
The origin, evolution, and contemporary morphology of Soquel Submarine Canyon, Monterey Bay, California
Neogene folding and faulting in southern Monterey Bay
The quaternary tephrochronology of the Gulf of Mexico
Evolution of the Ascension Submarine Canyon: central California continental margin
Recent sediment accumulation rates on the Monterey fan
Geologic history of Elkhorn Slough, Monterey County, California
Multi-scale geomorphologic expressions of outcrop lithology in rocky intertidal habitats in central-northern California
Connections between Pleistocene millenial climate and sediment variability in the Pacific Sub-Arctic
Marine geology and potential rockfish habitat in the Southwestern San Juan Islands, Washington
Depositional history at a site in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico revealed by tephrochronology and oxygen isotope stratigraphy
Tracking icebergs and sea ice in the mid-Pleistocene Bering Sea suggests sea ice affects ice sheet growth
Monitoring harbor dredging and sedimentary changes in coastal habitats of the Santa Cruz Bight, California